Everyday life in a typical village of the Danube Delta (video)

In the Romanian guidebook written by Mariana Pascaru and published by AD LIBRI, Dobrogea is considered mostly unknown, not only to foreigners but even to Romanians. So the main purpose of our blog is to change that. Why? Because Dobrogea is probably the most original and mysterious of all the country’s regions. It is the most visited by tourists, especially in summer, but ironically, the least explored. This region really deserves much more promotion!

Its access to the Black Sea and the stunning Danube Delta alone would have been enough to guarantee its complete success with the explorers. Beyond the barren appearance of these lands scorched by dry and hot winds you will be able to discover the magical endless expanses of the local steppe, fields carpeted with poppies and sunflowers, the mysterious barrows of the nomadic Scythians, and landscapes that are an unspoiled wilderness.

The top natural attraction is by far the Danube Delta (3446 square kilometres), described as amazing by all those who have delved into its maze of channels, marshes, lakes, sandbars and endless reed corridors. Wild and luxurious vegetation, harking back to the beginning of the world, blankets these expanses of land and water. A paradise for plants and wildlife, UNESCO has declared the Danube Delta one of the world’s Biosphere Reserves.

However, the Danube Delta is not only about the wildlife, it is also about the people. Romania is considered one of the poorest countries in Europe and this part of the country is definitely the poorest in Romania – if we were to only consider money. But it certainly doesn’t matter among the 15.000 souls who stubbornly remain across the delta. Away from the modern life and the comfort zone for many of us, these people live an existential life; a simple one, without too much claim and completely addicted to the environment. Somehow, they look calm and happy. Let’s see how an everyday life looks like in a typical village of the Danube Delta.

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