10 recommended events in Dobrogea in 2018

A lot of interesting events are happening in Dobrogea every year, some of them with a lot of history and others just at the beginning of the road. Considering the fact that throughout this blog we want to especially promote the natural and cultural heritage of the region, it mostly being unknown, we will avoid to mention festivals which attract tens of thousands of Romanians and foreigners, large music festivals like Neversea (2nd edition in July, Constanța) or Sunwaves (23th edition in April-May & 24th in August, Mamaia). They are very good initiatives for the Romanian mass-tourism and for the local events market, but we prefer to bring out the authentic and the traditional.

So these are the 10 events we definitely recommend if you want to explore the real charm of Dobrogea this year.

9-14 MAY 2018 International Festival of Danube and Romanians from everywhere, Tulcea

This event is happening in the context of the centenary (Romania celebrates 100 years since the Great Union) in the Civic Market of Tulcea.

10-15 MAY 2018 Multi-ethnic International Shepherd Festival, Beidaud – Tulcea county

The main purpose of the festival is to increse the level of knowledge + preservation and to promote the pastoral cultural tradition and creation, especially in Dobrogea, but also in Romania’s folkloric areas and in European countries with great pastoral history.

17-20 MAY 2018 The Shellfish Festival, Constanța

You are not allowed to miss this event if you like seafood. Cătălin Scărlătescu is one of the most famous Romanian chefs and promises unique recipes of shellfish from Vietnam and more culinary surprises in the 3rd edition of this event. Be there, in Ovidiu’s Square!

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18-20 MAY 2018 Dobrogean Crafts and Gastronomy Festival, Tulcea

The third weekend of May looks like a great idea to Explore Dobrogea and to follow the path of local gastronomy. You can easily combine the Shellfish Festival in Constanța with this event in Tulcea. The festival takes place in the fishing village outside the city, a good occasion to admire the place where the Danube Delta begins to form.

21-24 JUNE 2018 ”Pelicam” International Film Festival, Tulcea

Pelicam is by far one of the greatest events in Dobrogea and we are happy because it is happening again this year (for the 7th time). This International Film Festival is about the environment and people, an unique theme in Romania. Another cool thing is that the entrance is free of charge for all the screenings and events. Do you still have reservations? Read more about the festival here.

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27-29 JULY 2018 Danube Delta Diversity Festival, Mahmudia – Tulcea county

Free tours, culinary shows and a lot of traditional parties happen in this village located on the Saint George branch (the main southern branch). Here you will see many groups of ethnic minorities, the most numerous being the Russian-Lipovans, came from the county and across the country.

15 AUGUST 2018 Romanian Navy Day, Constanța

Following the Independence War of 1877-1878, Dobrogea returned to Romania after five centuries of Ottoman rule. This milestone of our history brought Romanians the exit to the Black Sea. Taking place for the first time on the 15th of August 1902 in honor of navy chief, this event is surely the most important in Dobrogea. A lot of festivities are happening during this day in Constanța (but not only) and all we can recommend is to be there and just let yourself be impressed.

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AUGUST 2018 The Ancient Tomis Festival, Constanța

Last year’s edition (6th) ran from August 25th to August 27th and we still have no certainty that this year it will happen again. But we really hope so because it’s an awesome cultural-historical event evoking the traditions and customs of the Hellenistic-Roman period of Tomis Fortress (now the city of Constanța).

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31 AUGUST – 2 SEPTEMBER 2018 Rowmania FEST – International Festival of Row Boats, Tulcea

Ivan Patzaichin is the greatest Romanian canoist and set up this festival in 2011. In a short time it became the fancy event of the Rowmania movement. Rowmania means a lot of racing competitions in canoes on the Danube River during the day and a lot of parties on the cliff of Tulcea during the night. More than that, it seriously contributes to the promotion of tourist potential + the natural and the cultural attractions of Dobrogea.

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1 SEPTEMBER 2018 The Great Feast of the Fish Soup, Jurilovca – Tulcea county

For eight years, at the beginning of each autumn, in the tourist harbour of Jurilovca there is a true royal of local traditions happening – Dobrogean costume parade, representative moments for ethnic groups, interactive workshops, photography exhibitions, painting and graphics. But the most important aspect, the organizers are preparing over 100 fish soup cauldrons for the public. And everything is free!

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BONUS: 6-12 AUGUST 2018 ”ANONIMUL” International Festival of Independend Film, Sfântu Gheorghe – Danube Delta

So, what would you like to attend? We are waiting for your comments, also if you consider that other events need to be mentioned.


  • Adina
    12/03/2018 at 7:50 PM

    And also în august is the International Festival of Folklore for the children „The Golden Fish”.

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