Our story

„In 2007 I began studying geography at the University of Bucharest and I quickly understood that if I wanted a successful professional life, I would have to do a lot more than just study well. So in the first year I started getting involved in a bunch of extra-curricular activities through the student organizations that I was part of. In the second year I started working part-time as an editor for the Vacanțe & Călătorii (Holidays & Travelers) Magazine, then as a sales man, then full-time as an event organizer, actively participating at many conferences organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.

In 2010 I graduated the first cycle of studies with a license that analized the impact of tourism activities on the environment and I continued my studies at the University of Bucharest, signing myself up for a master on managing tourist activities. In the same year I followed an internship in the Ministry of Tourism which did not meet my expectations. So I got ambitious and started ’’Asta-i România care-mi place!’’ (This is the Romania I like!), a well coordinated project through which I was encouraging Romanian people to upload their nice taught about Romania to an online platform. The initiative brought me a first prize that still has a well deserved spot in my personal library, but also a new job as Statistics Manager at – the biggest online travel agency in Romania.

In 2012 I got my masters degree and I was making the first steps towards entrepreneurship, laying out the #priNeamt project, an infotrip dedicated to the county I’m from and presently it gathered four editions and over 150 bloggers involved, Romanians and foreigners. Following, in 2013 I founded Eventur Group and began to develop new business paths, becoming a marketing and business consultant for numerous accommodations and travel agencies. In 2016 we added to portofolio our biggest client (relating to turnover), Blue Air Company, and in the same year we added the project Bucharest City App to our portfolio of initiated projects, a going out app which currently counts at over 100.000 users.

I knew from the start that if I wanted to make sense of my life, I would have to work a lot… which I did! But I made sure to never neglect my personal life and I was always surrounded by friends. I played basketball in the college team, I hiked many of the countries mountains, I wondered through Romanian villages and I traveled across the border every time I had the chance, curious to discover new cultures and authentic people.

While in college I met Alina, a beautiful Russian-Lipovan from Sarichioi village to which I fell in love with instantaneously. And, lucky me, the feelings were reciprocal. Our relationship evolved quickly, and in the summer of 2017 we took the next step, promising eternal love to each other in front of God. For me the event had double meaning because I was the one that went from a Romanian church (new rite Orthodox), to a Russian-Lipovan church (old rite Orthodox). And I did it without even hesitating in the slightest because, leaving aside my feelings, the entire community of Russian-Lipovans really respect their traditions and customs, very old and colourful. So we performed our religious wedding in complete respect of local traditions and it turned out exactly how we dreamt.

This important step in my personal life came with a move from Bucharest to Tulcea County. The projects developed in Bucharest caught roots and growing on their own. Additionally, my colleagues and partners coordinate their activities very well, so I can supervise efficiently from a distance. So, if I moved to Tulcea, I decided to build a new business, a local travel agency – part of Explore Dobrogea Initiatives – through which I can bring small groups of curious foreigners to discover the true charm of Dobrogea. Why small groups? Because this whole time I learned how inspirational, satisfying, culturally-respectful and environmentally-sensitive travel can be. So we’ve created this travel agency with the goal of practicing ecotourism, sustainable travel, responsible and slow tourism in the region. And we knew that we wanted out travel group to be small enough that it wouldn’t overwhelm the experience. We just wanted to interact directly and respectfully with local people and natural environments and rather than draining local resources, we believe that we should contribute to their preservation.

So this was it! This is the story of our travel agency, born from the desire to continue our work and to offer a helping hand to such a beautiful Romanian region as Dobrogea, but still so little known.”

Initiatior & Project Manager Explore Dobrogea
Founder & General Manager Eventur Group